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Algebra Formulas For Class 12

By allformula 0 Comment August 8, 2019

Algebra Formulas For Class 12 Ifa⃗ =xi^+yj^+zk^ then magnitude or length or norm or absolute value of a⃗  is ∣∣a→∣∣=a=x2+y2+z2−−−−−−−−−−√ A vector of unit magnitude is unit vector. If a⃗  is a vector then unit vector of a⃗  is denoted by a^ and a^=a^∣∣a^∣∣ Therefore a^=a^∣∣a^∣∣a^ Important unit vectors are i^,j^,k^, where i^=[1,0,0],j^=[0,1,0],k^=[0,0,1] If l=cosα,m=cosβ,n=cosγ, then α,β,γ, are called directional angles of the vectorsa→and cos2α+cos2β+cos2γ=1 In Vector Addition a⃗ +b⃗ =b⃗ +a⃗  a⃗ +(b⃗ +c⃗ )=(a⃗ +b⃗ )+c⃗  k(a⃗ +b⃗ )=ka⃗ +kb⃗  a⃗ +0⃗ =0⃗ +a⃗ , therefore 0⃗  is the additive […]